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Nova Vita Art Series Sauvignon Blanc 2018

THE VINTAGE:The 2018 growing season was great for growing aromatic whites in the Adelaide Hills. Warm but not too hot days and relatively cool nights meant that delicate whites wines matured under perfect growing conditions.  A burst of rain mid-February freshened up the canopy giving us a Rolls Royce engine to ripen the grapes.  Following the rain, the season ended with a period of warm weather, but well-developed canopies balanced by slightly above average yields provided the perfect environment for the harvesting of a full flavoured Sauvignon Blanc. We picked 4 batches of Sav Blanc between 6 March and 21 March 2018 with the lowest Be (sugar ripeness) being 11.4 (producing lime, grass, spice and nettle characters) and the highest 12.8 (producing tropical guava, passionfruit, and honey dew characters).

THE WINE:A distinctive wine that accentuates the varietal characters of Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc. Grassy with citrus edges, hints of freshly opened passionfruit and guava on the finish. The wine has natural acidity balanced with moderate sweetness and a lingering finish.

APPELLATION:Adelaide Hills, Australia
VINTAGE:March 2018
VARIETY:Sauvignon Blanc